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Clinical trials for 2008-008135-28

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    EudraCT Number: 2008-008135-28 Sponsor Protocol Number: 01-281108 Start Date*: 2009-04-16
    Sponsor Name:Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust
    Full Title: Effect of Sildenafil on Pulmonary Artery Pressure during hypoxia and exercise in Chronic Heart Failure
    Medical condition: We will investigate the effect of sildenafil on pulmonary artery pressure in Heart failure patients (impaired heart function). Patients will be recruited from the Heart Failure clinic at Castle Hil...
    Disease: Version SOC Term Classification Code Term Level
    9.1 10002034 Anaemia LLT
    9.1 10040756 Sinusitis NOS LLT
    9.1 10016807 Fluid retention LLT
    9.1 10022437 Insomnia LLT
    9.1 10016998 Forehead headache LLT
    9.1 10010108 Common migraine LLT
    9.1 10002855 Anxiety LLT
    9.1 10044565 Tremor LLT
    9.1 10033987 Paresthesia LLT
    9.1 10006790 Burning sensation NOS LLT
    9.1 10020937 Hypoaesthesia LLT
    9.1 10007882 Cellulitis LLT
    9.1 10022000 Influenza LLT
    9.1 10038870 Retinal hemorrhage LLT
    9.1 10047544 Visual disturbance NOS LLT
    9.1 10047513 Vision blurred LLT
    9.1 10034960 Photophobia LLT
    9.1 10008795 Chromatopsia LLT
    9.1 10051819 Cyanopsia LLT
    9.1 10015910 Eye blood shot LLT
    9.1 10015946 Eye irritation LLT
    9.1 10038189 Red eye LLT
    9.1 10047531 Visual acuity reduced LLT
    9.1 10013036 Diplopia LLT
    9.1 10000173 Abnormal sensation in eye LLT
    9.1 10047340 Vertigo LLT
    9.1 10065027 Sudden deafness LLT
    9.1 10016825 Flushing LLT
    9.1 10006461 Bronchitis NOS LLT
    9.1 10015090 Epistaxis LLT
    9.1 10039092 Rhinitis NOS LLT
    9.1 10011224 Cough LLT
    9.1 10028735 Nasal congestion LLT
    9.1 10012735 Diarrhoea LLT
    9.1 10013946 Dyspepsia LLT
    9.1 10017869 Gastritis NOS LLT
    9.1 10017888 Gastroenteritis LLT
    9.1 10017885 Gastrooesophageal reflux disease LLT
    9.1 10019022 Haemorrhoids LLT
    9.1 10000060 Abdominal distension LLT
    9.1 10013781 Dry mouth LLT
    9.1 10001760 Alopecia LLT
    9.1 10015150 Erythema LLT
    9.1 10029410 Night sweats LLT
    9.1 10040913 Skin rash LLT
    9.1 10028411 Myalgia LLT
    9.1 10003988 Back pain LLT
    9.1 10018800 Gynaecomastia LLT
    9.1 10036661 Priapism LLT
    9.1 10052791 Erection increased (excl priapism) LLT
    9.1 10037660 Pyrexia LLT
    9.1 10042438 Sudden hearing loss, unspecified LLT
    9.1 10033425 Pain in extremity LLT
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: GB (Prematurely Ended)
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