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The EU Clinical Trials Register search engine has been developed to allow searches for information entered into the European Union Drug Regulating Authorities Clinical Trials ( EudraCT) database.

Simple Search

Click in the search field and enter a word or phrase (this is your ‘search query’). Click Search once you have entered a query in the field. Any matching results are displayed below the search window.

Click (X) to clear the search field.

Click Advanced Search to open the advanced search fields.

Advanced Search

The Advanced search fields allow you to make a much narrower search query than the basic search..
Click on "Search Tools" to get access to the various filters like Age range, Trial phase etc.

Results of a search

The results of the search are displayed in a summary view. Note that multiple pages of results may be accessed through the navigation bar above the summary of results bar.

To see the detailed view of a clinical trial conducted in the named country, click on the Country ISO code.

The summary view displays the oldest record as a default. This is the clinical trial which was first recorded in the EudraCT system.

For extensive Help please refer to this document, How to search EU CTR PDF document [1.3Mb]

Version of the website

EU Clinical Trials Register version 2.2


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