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A clinical trial sponsor is the company or organisation which conducts a clinical trial. Sponsors provide protocol related information to national competent authorities who then enter the information into a database called EudraCT. The EU Clinical Trials Register website makes this information available online.
Sponsors are responsible for providing results related information on clinical trials directly by logging in into EudraCT. 

If you are interested in finding out more about a trial you need to contact the clinical trial sponsor.  If you are interested in joining a clinical trial please read how to join a trial.

Public contact information to allow you to contact a clinical trial sponsor has only been collected in the clinical trial database since 10 March 2011. Before this date there was no public contact point in the protocol related information collected as part of the application data entered in EudraCT.

To support users, however, you can view the sponsors' contact information document  PDF document [134kB] , containing sponsor contact information for trials entered in the system before 10 March 2011. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If results related information is available for a clinical trial, you can view the sponsor contact details in the section “trial information” in the results part of the clinical trial.

If the contact information for a clinical trial sponsor is not in the clinical trial record you are viewing or in the above PDF document, you are advised to contact the sponsor company or organisation directly through the contact information on its corporate website.

Note: It is always advisable to speak to your healthcare professional before contacting a clinical trial sponsor if you are interested in joining a trial or in a particular medicine.

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