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The European Union Clinical Trials Register   allows you to search for protocol and results information on:
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  • EU/EEA interventional clinical trials approved under or transitioned to the Clinical Trial Regulation 536/2014 are publicly accessible through the
    Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS).

    The EU Clinical Trials Register currently displays   43691   clinical trials with a EudraCT protocol, of which   7246   are clinical trials conducted with subjects less than 18 years old.   The register also displays information on   18700   older paediatric trials (in scope of Article 45 of the Paediatric Regulation (EC) No 1901/2006).

    Phase 1 trials conducted solely on adults and that are not part of an agreed paediatric investigation plan (PIP) are not publicly available (see Frequently Asked Questions ).  
    Examples: Cancer AND drug name. Pneumonia AND sponsor name.
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    EudraCT Number: 2020-001721-31 Sponsor Protocol Number: SPON-AK-0420 Start Date*: 2020-05-01
    Sponsor Name:Hampshire Hospitals NHS TRust
    Full Title: Can a sinus rinse and mouth wash reduce viral load in COVID-19 positive individuals?
    Medical condition: Covid-19
    Disease: Version SOC Term Classification Code Term Level
    20.0 100000004862 10061986 SARS LLT
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: GB (GB - no longer in EU/EEA)
    Trial results: (No results available)
    EudraCT Number: 2020-003092-18 Sponsor Protocol Number: TIKTAC1.1 Start Date*: 2021-05-12
    Sponsor Name:Medical University Innsbruck
    Full Title: Daratumumab in combination with Carfilzomib, Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone (DCPD) in patients with multiple myeloma induced acute renal failure requiring dialysis - “Time Is Kidney in the Treatmen...
    Medical condition: Multiple Myeloma: Patients with MM are frequently diagnosed primarily due to renal failure. Up to 40% of the myeloma patients present with renal failure at diagnosis and approximately 10% require d...
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: AT (Ongoing)
    Trial results: (No results available)
    EudraCT Number: 2015-003600-23 Sponsor Protocol Number: APRICOT Start Date*: 2016-04-01
    Sponsor Name:Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
    Full Title: Treatment of Pustular Psoriasis with the IL-1 receptor antagonist anakinra: a randomised, placebo controlled trial and associated mechanistic studies
    Medical condition: Acral Pustular Psoriasis, specifically but not limited to Palmo-Plantar Pustulosis will be the target population for therapeutic intervention with Anakinra in this study.
    Disease: Version SOC Term Classification Code Term Level
    20.0 10040785 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders 10037575 Pustular psoriasis PT
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: GB (Completed)
    Trial results: (No results available)
    EudraCT Number: 2015-001259-63 Sponsor Protocol Number: Pollenvaccine2014-01-15 Start Date*: 2016-03-09
    Sponsor Name:Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Karolinska Institute
    Full Title: Intralymphatic immunotherapy in increasing doses up to 10 000 SQ-U -a human randomized clinical trial
    Medical condition: Patients with severe to moderate Allegic rhinitis.
    Population Age: Adults Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: SE (Completed)
    Trial results: (No results available)
    EudraCT Number: 2015-003086-28 Sponsor Protocol Number: MM-398-07-02-03 Start Date*: 2016-07-27
    Sponsor Name:Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Full Title: A randomized, open-label, Phase 2 study of nanoliposomal irinotecan (nal-IRI)-containing regimens versus nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine in patients with previously untreated, metastatic pancreatic...
    Medical condition: Previously Untreated, Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
    Disease: Version SOC Term Classification Code Term Level
    19.0 100000004864 10033599 Pancreatic adenocarcinoma metastatic LLT
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: SE (Prematurely Ended) ES (Prematurely Ended) GB (GB - no longer in EU/EEA) BE (Completed) FR (Ongoing) IT (Prematurely Ended)
    Trial results: View results
    EudraCT Number: 2020-000476-38 Sponsor Protocol Number: NN1436-4481 Start Date*: 2021-03-01
    Sponsor Name:Novo Nordisk A/S
    Full Title: Effectiveness and safety of once weekly insulin icodec used with DoseGuide versus once daily basal insulin analogues in an insulin naïve type 2 diabetes population in a clinical practice setting
    Medical condition: Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
    Disease: Version SOC Term Classification Code Term Level
    21.1 100000004861 10045242 Type II diabetes mellitus LLT
    Population Age: Adults, Elderly Gender: Male, Female
    Trial protocol: DE (Completed) HU (Completed) GR (Completed) PL (Completed)
    Trial results: View results
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    The status and protocol content of GB trials is no longer updated since 1 January 2021. For the UK, as of 31 January 2021, EU Law applies only to the territory of Northern Ireland (NI) to the extent foreseen in the Protocol on Ireland/NI. Legal notice
    As of 31 January 2023, all EU/EEA initial clinical trial applications must be submitted through CTIS . Updated EudraCT trials information and information on PIP/Art 46 trials conducted exclusively in third countries continues to be submitted through EudraCT and published on this website.

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